Triathlon Swimming Workshop


Triathlon Swimming Workshop

You registered for a triathlon next summer? You want to improve your swimming style, and learn how to train more efficiently on your own?

Come to our swimming workshop for developing triathletes and swimmers!

This one-day workshop will help you master the basic skills you will need to become a better open-water swimmer, by introducing you to technical and performance concepts.

We will give you all the necessary tools to optimize your training before a triathlon, a open-water race or just to improve your performances in water.

Jean Roumieux, your coach, will draw from 15 years of experience training swimmers of all ages, of all levels, in pool or open-water, to help you reach your goals.

  Autumn 2018: Saturday, December 15th – 8:00am to 2:45pm.

Winter 2019: Saturday, January 5th / Sundays, January 13th and March 31st – 8:00am to 2:45pm.

 Aquadôme – Lasalle

8 available spots.

What’s included:

8:00AM / 9:00AM : Simulating Open Water Swimming in shallow pool with "beach" access

Sighting / Orientation

Start / Finish

Swimming around buoys

9:00AM / 10:00AM : Pool session #1

Technique :

  • video capture for analysis;

  • feedback on swimming styles;

  • Drills.

10:15AM / 11:15AM : Class session #1

Technical analysis of the videos shot in the pool : How to SWIM EFFICIENTLY, learning how to evaluate your styles by yourself.

11:15AM / 12:00PM : Light Lunch

Complimentary healthy Power balls offered all day.

Participants must bring a light lunch, as it will be taken right before the second swimming session of the day.

12:00PM / 1:00PM : Pool session #2

Performance : Swimming training session with heart rate measurement to define optimal training zones.

1:00PM / 2:00PM : Class session #2

How to TRAIN EFFICIENTLY, learning the basics of training planification.

Swimming Triathlon Workshop


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